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Mü-Company - a huge succes story


We at Mü-Company love chocolate, but we also care about our environment. At the beginning of our small company we asked ourselves how we could combine luxury chocolate with a sustainable future for our planet. That's why we decided to create a start-up company with the unique goal of offering climate-compensated chocolate, minimizing climate change and delivering only the best chocolate to our valued customers.


Building with YES

To realize our vision, we participated in the company program YES-Switzerland, which taught us the basics of corporate management. We teamed up with a local confectioner and started to produce three different types of chocolate for our various customers.


First appearances 

During the Christmas season we started to market our products and sold them through regional markets and our own online shop. This was the beginning of a very profitable future for our company.


YES successes

A short time later we convinced the jury of YES- Switzerland and were declared regional winners of the Company Program. Thanks to our hard work and customer-oriented sales and marketing strategy we were able to increase our turnover.

On 27 June, YES-Switzerland awarded us the title "Best Company of the Year 19/20" together with three other prizes. We believe that our method of working hard is the reason why we won and why we will continue to give our best at the European finals, which we are really looking forward to participating in.

Development and improvement of the strategy

We continue to rely on our inbound marketing to attract customers for our chocolate through social media marketing and unique branding. With the help of our own website, we are able to analyse the behaviour of our customers in order to address them even more effectively. Our German slogan "Ein Mü besser" means to become better step by step. This slogan refers to our overall strategy, but also to our future goals. We not only want to improve our climate step by step, but also maintain our great work ethic and never stop getting better, because there is always room for improvement.



Ultimately, our chocolate and our company offer the perfect solution for people like us who love luxury and a good bar of chocolate, but also protect the environment. In this way, our chocolate consumers can nurture their sweet tooth while protecting our planet.


CEO Sara Meister at the opening ceremony.

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