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The Mü environmental contribution and the Mü climate compensation

Be honest: producing chocolate causes environmental emissions. The cocoa beans for our couvertures come from small farmers in Ghana, Venezuela and Ecuador. Although they work in an environmentally friendly way, the burden of manufacturing and transport cannot be dismissed out of hand.


Producing chocolate causes CO2 emissions of between 200 and 500 g, depending on the variety. This number comes from various independent studies such as that of Chocri.


A beech tree compensates on average 12.5 kg of CO2 per year, as a study quoted in the Handelsblatt shows.


A beech could therefore, carefully calculated, compensate for an annual production of around 30 chocolates. Or vice versa: one tree would have to be planted for every 30 chocolates if it only survived for one year in middle age.


We plant a tree for every 10 chocolates through the proven organization OneTreePlanted. The trees are planted in Ghana because that's where our main raw material comes from. Assuming that the trees planted there survive 10 years in medium size and that they can absorb as much CO2 as beech trees, we compensate for CO2 emissions by 30 times.


We also pack our chocolate in the compostable PLA wrapping film from instead of in conventional petroleum-based film.


Furthermore, all of our other chocolate ingredients such as milk and sugar come exclusively from Switzerland / Eastern Switzerland (except almonds and orange oil).


Trees have already been planted, thanks to your contribution

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